Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Where's me dashboard?!

Not at all sure I like this new blogger thingy.  I can't find the dashboard for one thing, and I liked to check up who was currently blogging, etc.  What do you think?
Little thing to make me happy
Maybe I just don't have my thinking head on as I've been laid low with a nagging cough and cold that won't go away.  This weekend I've been mostly curled up in my happy corner with hot drinks, Day Nurse and my woolly doings.
Happy Corner
 Hopefully I'll be fit and well again soon and blogging something a bit more interesting.  Keep warm and dry during this funny weather, lovelies. xxx


  1. Hello Carrad,
    Love your happy corner. I hope you feel better soon. xx

  2. I can't work it out all so I'd be grateful for any help!
    I seem to have lost all the blogs I normally follow!!

  3. Oh, I'm with you - is it age that makes you less able to cope with change??? Re the dashboard - I couldn't find it either - if you manually type "www.blogger.com/home" in the address bar it will give you a sort of dashboard page from where you can see the latest blog entries.

    Hope your cough feels better soon.


  4. Loving your woolly doings - your little thing would make anyone happy - I love it!
    Sorry you've been out of sorts Carrad - there's some nasty things around that take some time to shift - hope you are feeling better soon.
    (On the dashboard subject - you've probably worked it out by now but....on your blog post page click on design and then on My Blogs near the top left - I've bookmarked the dashboard and have pasted it on my toolbar thingy - been on the new layout and bookmarked button for ages and its second nature now - though it was a bit awkward at first I kept switching back and forth!)
    Sending get well wishes!
    Ali x

  5. Please don't mention Blogger:( I'm a bit annoyed with it at the moment.

    Try this....blogger:blogger dashboard

    It should take you to your dashboard and then bookmark it:)

  6. Thank you all for your lovely messages and helpful comments. Dashboard pinged up somehow today (or a variation of it). Don't like the set up so much as before but I think I can live with it. xxx

  7. Hi Carrad, I have had some fluey thingy for ages too. Its driving me crazy as my mind is rushing around wanting to get on but my body won't follow suit! I am fed up with google products. I feel they are messy and poorly structured. It took me ages to find out where my list of followers was. There are little flower icons that have drop down menues attached to them for options etc - not too intuitive is it! Hope you feel better soon. Lily. xxx

  8. Hi hope your feeling better, had to get my daughter on the bloggy thing to help me, which brought looks of disgust that I couldn't work it out, I told her that it was becaused I was a lot older than she was, still got the funny look. Julie xxx

  9. Hi Carrad, hope you are feeling better..thought you might like to join in a game of tag...its all explained in my latest post. If its tricky to post at least the questions might give you something fun to think about...!
    Ali x