Saturday, 7 April 2012

Addicted to Freeform!

Another bag from the needles and hooks of Carrad
This was recycled from an old cardi, which I unravelled and divided up the striped colours to make freeform scrumbles.  There's lots more yarn left to do interesting things with - it was a big cardi!

Recently I attended a Decorative Crochet workshop and learnt a few new things.  These are the samples I made.  As usual, I wanted to create something with them
I made a little purse and lined it with spotty fabric.
Don't know what to use it for, but I like looking at it!

... and finally...


  1. Happy Easter to you too Carrad!
    Love your freeform cardi re-creations! Fab colours and it looks really swirly and soft!
    The decorative crochet is super cool too!
    Keep up the fab free-forming!
    Ali x

  2. Gorgeous. Do you see them together or just crochet and knit jn one gO? Got your package today , totally happy, writing about it now. Thank you so much cxxxxxxxxxx