Sunday, 1 April 2012

Giveaway Winner and the Mystery Revealed

Mr C, the human random generator, was enlisted to pick the lucky winner from the slips in the dog's bowl (clean, of course!)
Well done, Famfa at Busy Butterfingers!  Do email me your address and I'll get your gift in the post.

Here is the mystery freeform - yes, it's another bag!
Side One
Side Two
 I've already bought more wool to create more freeform bags to make for Christmas presents - best to start early, I think... 

Two new things.  A lovely tin and wood picture frame in which I added a happy message until I can find just the right photo.
 My 50p bargain - the cutest little spotty jug!

Have a lovely April, my dears xxx


  1. Your bags are really lovely - you should sell them on Etsy. I am determined to start Christmas making early. Every year I don't think about starting til advent - its ridiculous to think that with all the other stuff that needs to be done in those few weeks that i can make a stash of cards and presents too! Trouble is I can't get motivated for it until I feel 'Christmassy'. Lily. xxx

  2. Congratulations Famfa!!!!!!

  3. Oh how exciting. Thank you soooo much. I just looked back to see what it was I won too - lovely jubbley xxxxx

  4. Congratulations to Famfa!
    The freeform knitting and crocheting looks so much fun to do.

  5. Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway - lovely colours in your freeform bag, and the lining is so pretty.
    Both of your new buys are great - especially like the frame - why can I never find these?.

    Have great Easter!

    Gill xx