Saturday, 14 April 2012

More Craft than Housework...

... which I think is a good name for a blog!

 I really ought to do more things like cleaning, cooking and washing but after all we only have the one lifetime (that we're aware of, anyway) so obviously it has to be used properly. 

With this in mind, I have been making...
...more bags with stuff in (not a good name for them - anyone with a better idea, please tell me!)...
 ...a short jacket in Bergere Toison yarn for The Girl Genius...
...and a pincushion!

My next crochet project is this duffel coat for Miss Peach Pudding's first birthday.  It's in Rowan Denim which will fade nicely with washing.
Oo, mustn't forget to add my pic of my choices from Laa Laa's Travelling Box Swap.  They're not very exciting choices - there were much more interesting things in the box - but they're the most useful to me.  Thanks, Laa Laa, for organising!
And finally,
Miss Peach Pudding hopes you all have a lovely Easter holiday! xxx


  1. Miss peach Pudding looks adorable in her bunny ears!

    I quite agree with you that time should be used wisely crafting rather than cleaning.

  2. Love your "bags with stuff in" especially the boat one! Looks like you've been extra busy to me and don't forget, a tidy house is the sign of a wasted life ;)

  3. You have been busy. Your "bags with things in", are brilliant. Don't worry about the housework, it'll wait for you. Can't wait to see Miss Peach in her new duffle coat. Lesley x

  4. Ok again you are making me feel bad and craftless & lazy. Brilliant projects and more annoyingly - you finish things off!! Serious envy!! ha ha. That jacket is fabulous & the little Easter sweetie bunny too too cute xxx