Tuesday, 1 May 2012

On A Lovely April Day One Year Ago ...

... a lovely lady called Kate opened a knitting shop and made a lot of people very happy...
Here are some of the happy ladies...
We had a wonderful birthday party on Sunday, with a woolly party table (knitted and crocheted by us as a surprise gift for Kate) and real chocolate cake and Buck's Fizz!
The local newspaper even paid a visit...
Oh dear, that's me in the red top!
 By the way, the pretty linen tablecloth in the background is my latest charity shop find - £2!

One of our ladies, the very talented Jo at In The Making, created a variety of lovely mug hug kits for us to make
 There were also jam pot lid covers to knit (but I only managed to find the time to knit the flower for the top!)
and many more of them!

Ooh, and one more thing...
Mr C found this little birdie nest on the ground at the park today.  It's so beautifully made - I do hope it's an old one and no birdies were made homeless in this awful windyrainy weather!


  1. Birds' nests are little Grand Designs and I love A Good Yarn (in both respects really!). Great page and I've just sussed out how to follow people :-)

  2. Lovely write up on the birthday. All the photos I've seen have been fab to make up for missing it

  3. The birthady celebration looks great - I love all knitted the party food...hopped over to the other blogs too! Sounds like there's a good community atmosphere and obviously a well loved place! Hope AGY continues to thrive.
    Ali x