Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Title

I'm really ringing in the changes with the New Year.  I've made over the look of my blog and now, with thanks to ShabbilybytheSea, have updated the name, which implies a pleasant, daydreamy state of nostalgia, and that's where I'm happiest. 
So ...
Faded Reverie
 This is my current project, a crocheted cardi using up all of last year's yarn ends.
 This is my new project, a crocheted ballet top for my tiny dancer.
And this is my "make it up as I go" UFO, which hopefully will become a sleeveless top for me, but don't hold your breath...


  1. I love your new name it's divine!
    I am so jealous you can crochet,i think i need to add learning it to list of resolutions.

    Faded Reverie.....sounds dreamy x

  2. Thanks for your help, SBTS! Do learn to crochet - Such Fun (as Miranda's mother would say) xx

  3. Love the new title - and your crochety projets! Hope its a good start to the year!
    Ali x

  4. Gosh I wish I could knit and crochet and I love the shades of grey you are using xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  5. Hi, thank you for leaving me a message. It's good to have you following along with me this year. I'll be doing the same to you! X

  6. Looking good and thanks for entering my giveaway. Love the new Look and title wishing you a very happy New Year xx