Sunday, 15 January 2012

In which pastels become brights ...

As you know, my dears, I do love a bit of vintage pasteliness.  In preparation for the Diamond Jubilee I'm making bunting ...
 ... and also making a mess.  How do other people have neat and tidy workspaces???
 However, these lovely yarns were in the sale and I couldn't resist the glowing jewel-like colours.
 Then the real bright, bright brightness set in!  Very unlike me but I bought these vivid spotty fat quarters and created fleece-lined fruit bags to keep your lunch 5-a-day safe and unbruised.  They work too, having dropped one with an apple in (oops!)
Have a happy week, lovelies xxx


  1. wonderful creations- lovely work area too x

  2. I love your bunting and the Rowan yarn is such beautiful yarn to knit with.
    I firmly believe that how your studio looks when working is irrelevant. It is the finished art pieces which are important.
    Helen xx

  3. Those apple cozies are fab! As for tidy craft areas...what are they? I always have good intentions when I start getting things out but it never really happens!

  4. Loving your fruit bags such a great idea! Are you going to use them all or do you have a outlet for your designs and creations?
    When I create I spill all over the settee and the floor then have to pack it all up again when the family returns!
    Ali x

  5. Well I'm not one with a neat and tidy workspace!

    Loving the fruit bags.