Saturday, 21 January 2012

Yo Ho Ho and the Latest Trend for 1935

Pirate Bunting!
And a little bit of love
 My mum was having a clean out of an old cupboard and found this book lurking at the back.  It's an A6-sized catalogue for shops to pick their display papers ... in 1935.   
Have a look at a few of the pages below to see what was trending with the Schiaparelli generation.
There are also lots of shiny papers and even some which feel like suede and wood.  Mum thought I might like to cut it up for cards or just throw it out - sacrilege! 


  1. Like the bunting and what a fabulous find. Oooooh what are you going to make with those fab papers?

  2. Hi, did you get my email about the Travelling Box swap? Great blog by the way :)

    1. I didn't, I'm afraid. Could you please try again? xxx

  3. What a fantastic book, I bet there isn't many of those about.