Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ramblings and a Forgotten Query

When will they make a three-day weekend?
Just need that extra bit of time to fit things in and this recent glorious weather makes working all that much more of an effort (lazy cow!)
"Lazy Cow" by Kate Chidley

 The Girl Genius has been a busy girl too.  Not only has she been to school (well, nursery) for the first time but she's trying out careers ...
1. Needlewoman
 She doesn't seem to have noticed that the needle has fallen out of her hand, but she did do all those big stitches by herself!

2. Beautician
I am only grateful that I didn't let her near my face!

Miss Peach Pudding has perfected the nonchalance of the diva for the camera and the mean stare of the determined woman at Sophie La Giraffe. 

I finally completed the blankie for Miss PP and here it is in all its bumpy splendour:

I also tarted up the candle holder (as per pic of previous post).  I'll use the glass holders for another purpose when I think of one.
 Aha!  I've remembered the Query!  I've made a lavender bag from an old family postcard and rather liked it, so fancy making some more for family presents.  As it was just a try out I scanned the card backwards onto double sided iron-on webby stuff, ironed it onto the fabric and just peeled off the paper.  
Excuse dark picture, I forgot to twiddle with the contrast, etc.  
Now for the query.  I've tried a variety of ways to transfer paper images to fabric, including Image Maker, but never had great success.  I don't know if my printer is any good for the special paper which I think needs an inkjet (or not, whichever!).  I'd be so grateful if you clever peeps out there could give me some advice... many, many thankyous xxx 

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  1. Oh the blankie is beautiful! Love your choice of colours.

    Sorry I can't be any help with the query :(