Saturday, 8 October 2011

It's here at last! My Teatime Giveaway!

I bet you thought it was never going to happen, my lovelies!

I have finally sorted out some scrummy things for my giveaway, and since there has been quite a flurry of tea towel based posts in Blogland recently I have based it around "Teatime"

You can win...
the necessary basics - tea, coffee and choccy ...
... a rosy mug to put your drink in, two coasters made from the seams of jeans and a tray cloth to stand everything on ...
 ... two books to read while you're chilling with your drink and choc ...
... to get lots of new ideas ...
 ... a Mollie Makes Kit to get you sewing afterwards ...
 ... two tea-dyed cotton pieces, about fat quarter size ...
... tea and coffee coloured lace and ribbon ...
 ... and two tea towels ...
... to wash up with after your relaxing break.

All you have to do is:
1. Be a follower
2. Post me with your favourite cake or biscuit.  Mine are custard creams and custard slices (hmm, I see a pattern forming here!) 
3. Share my giveaway on your blog for an extra go.  I'm not sure yet how to pass on a link, so just post this pic with my blog link, please.

Good luck!  I'll draw the lucky winner on Hallowe'en.


  1. Thanks for doing this generous giveaway. My favourite biscuits are cadbury's chocolate fingers - yum yum. I've added your button to my side bar as well.


  2. What a lovely giveaway; well worth waiting for!

    My favourite biscuits are chocolate HobNobs (although I wouldn't turn my nose up at any chocolate biscuit).

  3. What a great giveaway!
    My favourite biscuits are rich tea! perfect for dunking!

  4. How did I miss this ?!?!?
    Please count me in..... my favourite biscuits....hmmmmm, to be honest, I don't buy biscuits very often, because they really wouldn't last very long my house.... but I have learnt to make a delicious stem ginger biscuit in vast quantities........
    Sue Xxx

  5. Sorry haven't been blogging much recently and am still catching up. What a lovely giveaway I'd be thrilled just with the mug and the monkey teatowel!! So fav biscuit or cake? That would have to be a chocolate eclair or maybe a brownie mmm or a jam doughnut, oh gosh now I'm drooling just at the thought of them as I haven't had a cake for 5 months since I started my diet. Maybe if I jog down to the bakery and back I could burn off the cals???? hehe
    Pene xx

  6. Just managed to catch up on blogging posts - please count me in. My favourite biscuit is shortcake but it has to be all butter! Fave cake has to be a fresh cream meringue - good thing about them is they are relatively low in cals so I can even have a sneaky one (or even two - he he) when I'm supposed to be on a diet. xxx

  7. Wow, what a lovely giveaway ... soooo many treats! I should love to be considered please.

    I shall become a follower forthwith but I'm a bit of a disappointment on the biscuit front as I don't eat them. Does a couple of squares of G&B's milk chocolate count?!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment and heads up on your super giveaway! :-)

    Heather x

  8. Fabulous giveaway. Doughnuts and Tunnocks teacakes any day of the week (EVERY day of the week would be even better!). xx

  9. Oh my goodness what a wonderful generous giveaway!!!
    Perfect treats for an indulgent teatime!
    For me it has to be a moist cinnamony Banana Bread (just made one yesterday!)(or choc cake!)and those huge soft american style chocolate chip cookies for biscuits!
    I shall put your giveaway button on my sidebar too so that i can be greedy and have two entries please!
    Gill xx

  10. Goodness how did I miss this wonderful giveaway!!! My only excuse is that I have been painting bedroom walls which I absolutely hate to do and have been ignoring my bloggy friends:) Please enter me in your draw. Thanks.

  11. Nearly missed this . Put me in the draw please.

  12. Sorry forgot my favourite biscuit, I have to go with custard creams with ginger nuts a vey close second.

  13. Oooh almost missed this one, fab giveaway I do love that cup lots.
    My favourite biscuits are tunnocks caramel wafers and my favourite cake is vanilla slice too!
    kandi x