Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Have we said Goodbye to Summer?

It would seem so today, but we had a beautiful weekend.  Warm enough, in fact, to have what may be the final appearance of the mighty Beefmaster barbecue and the marquee.  The whole family came over to celebrate the "retiredundancy" of Mr C and the forthcoming birthday of the Junior C's.  Did I ever tell you my children are quads?  I think I did, but there - I've told you again!

 Well, we made a bit of an effort with the balloons!
 Mr C is something of a pyromaniac and this represents the time he accidentally set the garden on fire and melted the watering can completely flat.
 Mr C receives an electricity meter award from the Girl Genius for his many years of hard work in the industry.
 Dog and Daughter-in-Law attempt to sit on the same bit of the sofa.
The GG and Miss Peach Pudding.  Can you see the rash round the GG's mouth?  Poor Jasmine has such a horrid skin condition which seems to be eczema but the specialists aren't sure.  Sometimes it all goes and other times she has rashes all over and cries and cries.  I wish we could magic her better. 

I have so many UFO's to do and so many objects not even started.  Therefore I naturally picked up yet another at a second-hand shop - a footstool to shabby up.
 The fabric is quite nice but very dirty and badly attached.  I'll wash it and use it for something else.

Just to finish off, a picture of teeny tiny pumpkins to remind you of the season.

  And don't forget the Giveaway! (see side panel)


  1. A lovely party

    The children are beautiful.
    Perhaps the little girl has an allergy, have you considered a Naturopathic doctor?

    My best

  2. It looks like a great party!

    I love the teeny tiny pumpkins.

  3. Quads!! My goodness you must be a busy lady. I agree with Helen, an allergy would explain the lack of an answer from the specialist. Perhaps ask your GP if cutting out diary may help. Lesley x

  4. i love visiting you here its so lovely what a delightful family post! ;0)x those teeny tiny pumpkins are sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet x