Thursday, 29 September 2011

What a Lovely Day, Mrs!

Phew, it's hot...
 ... even though it's late September ...
 ... and the leaves are wearing their autumn wardrobe...
 ... and the onions are picked and strung ...
 ... and the cooking apples are ready to fall (possibly in 3D by the look of this photo!) ...
 ... and the berries are bright on the bough.

I've been having just the best day!  The lovely Bibbitybob bobbed by this morning and we had a wonderful time making arrangements for a vintage do we are preparing and refreshing ourselves with tea, coffee and Mr C's homemade Spanish Almond Cakes.  

We then browsed the nearby specialist shops and filled our heads with ideas of lovely things to make and customise (since the prices were mostly out of our reach).  We also made some rather nice purchases from the charity shop there.  Miss BB went for Boden and silk and I bought the following:
 Candle holder to shabby up, or maybe it's down,
 shabby ted, so cute that I had to fork out three whole pounds for him,
three lovely doily thingies
and two pillowcases for lining bags, all the above for £6

I also picked up free, gratis and for nothing these two fabric sample books from the soft furnishings shop.   Miss BB suggested lots of good ideas to use them including fabric brooches.

After all this hard work we had a buffet lunch in the back garden with Mr C before he left for his train journey to Leeds.  He's attending a last union dinner at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, staying over and having another meal the following day.  His first few days of redundancy have passed in a blur of cupboard cleaning and throwing out.  We didn't realise how much stuff he had collected over 31 years of working for the company!

Well, back now to a bit more crafting to complete a great day! xxx


  1. What a lovely day - and I really do like your doily thingies!

    Pomona x

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I wonder if your doilys will become dolly dresses?

  3. Sounds like my kind of day. Love your finds. Great score on the fabric sample books.

  4. I had the loveliest day Mrs, thank you for wonderful food and company xxx

  5. Woah, those apples really do look as if they're about to leap off the tree and fling themselves at us!

    Sounds like you had a fab day. Glad you're enjoying the sunshine :)