Thursday, 13 October 2011

In which things come to bits ...

I have an original ceiling to floor cupboard in my living room which dates from the mid-1800's.  It's been stripped down years ago after having horrible plywood boards over it in the 1960's.  I'd like to paint it but Mr C (like the computer) says "no".
 However, now he's retired he's having a big de-clutter and I agree with him - just look at the tat in here!
 But ... OOOOOOOPS!  I took down a big book which was apparently holding up the ceiling, as I vanished under a show of plaster dust.  Scary naked wiring!!  Another little job for the man himself, I fear.
 After I dusted myself down (well, washed my hair, face and specs) and cleaned the floor I decided it was a things coming to bits day.  I grabbed a coffee and launched into unscrewing this old and battered sewing thingy.
I feel that in there somewhere is a planter, pretty keepsake boxes and at least a couple of mobiles.  Watch this space.
I've been a bit disappointed ... the lack of replies to my Giveaway - don't you want anything for free, ladies? 
Have a peek at my last post and get in there!

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  1. Whooooooops.... (I think I would paint it too :) I'm not a fan of unpainted wood!
    Sue Xxx