Friday, 8 July 2011

Today I Am Mostly Buying ...

Two lovely embroidered antimacassars (I think)
 A floral Nienhaus blouse
 Three lovely white doilies
 A vintage-look summer skirt (only Primark but beautifully lined)
 Two T-shirts
 A Scandinavian- looking tea towel
 A Per Una cardi top
 Floral bowl, saucer and glass to make a posh sweet or soap stand
 and a heavy linen bag (pen there to show size)
All from one charity shop for less than £15.  Yay!

And now three makes ...
Here is the completed soap/sweet dish

I made a few variations to the pincushion kit sent in a swap by the lovely Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks.  It has the names of new Grandbaby C and her mummy can use it as she wishes.
 Art Jars for collecting money for next year's holilday, ready for sale.

Have a good weekend xxx


  1. Good grief, fabulous makes. Love the soap/sweet dish. Ingenius. Your buys are rather brilliant too. The tea towel is my fave.

  2. Ha, I knew Loo would like the tea towel! I love it too - such a fun design.

    The tiered dish is such a clever idea! Did you attach the parts in some way? I feel if I just propped them on top of each other then I'd constantly be sending them flying (am quite clumsy at the mo..)

    I'm determined to spark some creativity into life this weekend and make something lovely with some of the amazing stuff you sent me :)

  3. Thanks for lovely comments. Alex, I used epoxy glue to attach the dish, you know, that stuff where you have to mix two tubes together. Enjoy my swap, looking forward to the post. xxx

  4. great finds I miss having all the choices of charity shops here, you tiered dish is very cute. good luck with the fair in August wish i could come.