Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thank You

What a lovely lot you are!  Such nice, helpful comments when I was feeling down.  I think I've got my head together again and am quite a bit more positive.  Thank you again.

My Thursday work didn't take as long as I thought it would so I called by the Care Shop on the way home.  My mum calls it "Aladdin's Cave" as there's such a variety of charity items.  This was my little haul:

Two more Kathie Winkle plates for my little Retro Collection
 Two more rosebud plates for my Vintage Collection
 A little selection of pretty crockery, which I made ...
 ,,, into another cakestand
A bundle of clothes (all three for £1) to cut up for fabric (and no, the little dress wasn't worth keeping whole for grandbabies)
 And finally a little metal tray

Isn't it wonderful how a charity shop can make you feel so much better for such a small outlay!


  1. What wonderful finds, I love the plates :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. Ahhh sorry I haven't visited any blogs for ages. I've been like you, snowed under with work & helping everyone else out & now I'm panicking that I only have 5 days until we are selling at Vintage Festival, in London arggghhhh. I'm supposed to be working next week too & have all sorts of meetings planned for me. Guess sleep is off the menu!!! Glad you're feeling happier - clearly still v. creative whatever your mood, clever devil xxx Claire

  3. Just popped over from K C's Court blog and found you. You have a lovely blog, I like the jar for the holiday fund a few posts back. Good luck with making things for the fair!

  4. Oh there's nothing like a good charity shop rummage to lift ones spirits!

    x x

  5. Hear hear! I love a successful charity shop shopping spree! Adore Kathie Winkle and her plates. Love the tray too. Glad you're feeling perkier!

  6. Great finds there, love the china and the tray is so sweet! The clothes are great for recycling - good choice of fabrics there!
    Charity shops are great!