Friday, 1 July 2011

Just Stuff!

The sun is shining and the back door is open
Wimbledon is on tv
Fresh raspberry crumble is in the oven
and I'm in short sleeves, so it really must be Summer!

This lovely lily broke off a day or two ago.  Mr C gave it the kiss of life and it's repaid him with lovely pink blooms.
I finished knitting up the wool I bought in a charity shop in Kendal - two deep blue balls of old Paton's "Husky".  I had no pattern or real thought of what to make, just really wanted to see what it looked like.  I sewed up the sides, gave it a gentle felting and added some of the rough felt bits bought from Woolfest last week.  Hey Presto! A teapot cosy or hat depending on the need at the time.  It's currently being modelled by my cafetiere, however, as the teapot is hiding in the cupboard.
Everyone seems to be making crochet squares at the moment and I'm no exception.  I had a tiny ball of wool left over from Jasmine's cardi and tried a new design for the squares, then added some contrasting yarn.  There was only enough for one side of a cushion but I rather like it.
This is my latest chazzer shop purchase - a set of six English bone china cups and saucers in a very summery pattern.  £2's worth of delicate prettiness.
I am pleased to say new Grandbaby Carrad, little Eves, is doing splendidly.  Rather better than her mummy who has had complications "down there" and is a bit poorly at the moment, bless her.  Here is my mum, Eves' great-grandma (or Nanny G as she's known, the G is for Greta).  This is her first cuddle and she was smitten to bits!  
Mum is looking a cool hippy chick in her Biba top.


  1. I think you ought to model the hat for us, being as you are a fashionista!

    Pomona x

  2. How liberating to knit with no particular plan in mind and to finish up with a little felted cosy/hat, love your crochet cushion front too.

    lily x

  3. Beautiful picture of your mother and the baby
    Thanks for sharing Great pose

  4. That crochet cushion front is beautiful. I really like halfy halfy cushions - just pick some pretty fabric for the back and it'll look gorgeous!

    I hardly ever cook with berries but I'm seeing some amazing raspberry recipes popping up in Blogland recently. Raspberry crumble sounds delicious.