Monday, 25 July 2011

A Productive(ish) Sunday

I was going to treat myself to a whole day of crafting this Sunday.  I had spent Saturday showing 115 children how to make Plastic People keyrings at a sports festival and the evening at a charity pub quiz on behalf of the local hockey club.  I believed, therefore, that Sunday would be "Me Time".  

Not quite.

Sunday morning was coffee with Daughter and Son-in-Law of C then a desperate visit to every shop open in town to try to purchase a suitable leaving present for "Man-in-forties-with-interest-in-cars".  I'm not a car person and there were no car shops.  Anyhoo, I bought a big variety of home office items as said man is going to be working for himself in the future.  Then it was lunchtime.


... I sat down and crafted ALL AFTERNOON!

I used one of the plastic keyrings myself.  The children had crayoned footballers and other sports people for theirs. I made a vintage lady (two sided)
I have really got into the faded, natural-dyed vintage look.  These are the Williams I made
and these are little booklets.
I have lots of other things on the go, so will post when they are complete.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

PS:  I got another interview - and also turned this one down!  Feeling so much more positive, partly due to you lovely people xxx


  1. You had a very productive day, despite the late start with your crafting.
    Wishing you a great week
    Helen xx

  2. You really must have an amazing CV/application form technique! Excellent news about the other interview. Bet the dream job is just round the corner.

  3. So glad your feeling more yourself, xx

  4. love the things you've made.especially those cute Williams!
    Congrats on the interview you turned down - i must work back thru your posts to get the full picture!
    Gill xx