Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Down a Bit of a Different Road

I've signed up for a stall at a fair in August and have been thinking about what to put out for sale.
At the last fair, in which I didn't take part, there were a lot of shabby chic stalls with a plethora of beautifully-made items - bunting, hearts, soft toys, pinnies, peg bags, etc.  This made me think that I would be just another similar seller so I've decided to take a gamble and concentrate this time on more vintage-y items.  I hope people will go for old style with a twist.  Who knows?  Still, "Speculate to accumulate" they say. 

I rootled out all my doilies and lace, plus cottons, hand-dyes and floral stuff...
... what a mess!
I had to tidy up the whole workroom after this rootle.  
I even hunted out some very old embroidery transfers and have started stitching old-fashioned lavender bags. I'll keep you up to date with proceedings anyway.

Son of C, No. 2, brought his joinery skills to bear on a little request I'd made.  I have a tatty old loom which makes lovely strings of tied cloth strips - see previous post on Corsages and asked if he could made a couple more, a little less tatty.  These turned up yesterday:
Six expertly-make loomy things, plus a big one for thicker fabrics!
What a clever boy!  I'm getting him on to peg looms next...

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  1. Thank you so much for displaying my giveaway button and for giving it a mention!
    I think you are so right to make something a bit different for the Fair. I love the fact that your son has made you some "custom-made" looms, and Im very interested to see what you make with them - must check out your corsages link.
    I love the fact you are going to be using some vintage doilies, laces etc, and the hand embroidered lavender sachets look lovely.
    Having done various fairs over the last 10 years and finding that I dont like to be making the same as everyone else, I too am trying out a few different things and holding off on fairs until I have developed a new "style".
    As lovely as Cath Kidston things are, there are just too many CK look-a-like things out there,very pretty but nothing very different.
    Good Luck with your new approach!
    Gill xx

  2. Love the lavender bag, what lovely looms, and what a clever lad to make them for you, thanks for blogging about my giveaway, thats another entry for you :) and I hope you reach 50 and beyond very soon...
    Sue Xxx

  3. Ooh... hope the craft fair goes well! I'll look forward to hearing all about it. Son of C has done an excellent job with those looms - they look very professional! :) x x