Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Joy of Stash

An Easter Bunny called at my house last week.
Actually it was a lovely friend of mine, visiting family in the area.  She couldn't stop but filled my porch with.... STASH!!!

How kind (and exciting) is that?
So far I have made...
A waistcoat from a felted woolly jumper and some hand-felting by my friend...
A teacosy which looks oddly like a sheep...
...and a dress to wear at my stall at a vintage fair next week.  The fabric itself is vintage - it belonged to my friend's Great Aunt Ella.

I've also made a scarf and am contemplating my next attack on the stash.  I can't wait to make things with the lovely picture-based fabrics.

The sun is out and I'm going back to my workroom to enjoy the sunshine through the window and...make things!  Hope you have a great making week too. xxx


  1. OOh how exciting - always fun to create from someone elses donations - they usually get more attention than my own stash!
    Great items so far - your dress looks so stylish - and love the wooly teacosy!
    Looking forward to seeing some more reults from your sunny work room and crafty fingers!
    Ali x

  2. Now that's my kind of friend - how exciting to receive all that stash! Looks like it has landed at the right place though. LOVE the dress x Jane

  3. That was kind of your friend! And you've made great things already - love the tea cosy. Abby x

  4. What a wonderful friend!
    Love the dress, good luck with the stall!

    Gill xx

  5. What fantastic things to be given, I really love the 'housework' fabric.