Tuesday, 30 April 2013

... and in the Blue Fleece ...

Mr C and I had a little fun this weekend (no, not that sort of fun - what minds you have!).
We were invited to audition for BBC's "Bargain Hunt"!  There's no guarantee that we will be on tv but they hold teams on standby or for later use, so it may happen.  
Anyhoo ... on Saturday we fired up the Fiesta and drove off to The Olde Barn Hotel near Grantham where the auditions were taking place.
There were around eight couples as well as us, all lovely people and up for the challenge.  Sadly no Tim or experts but we had a little video first with Tim giving us a few tips and pointers then we were sent off in our couples to look at a selection of photos of antiques.  We had to put them in order of value without looking at the prices on the back and chat about our reasons for the choices.  Luckily they didn't have to be accurate, the researchers just needed to know if you could talk, interact and make decisions.  You then had to pick out the three which you would take to auction.
 Mr C's shiny little head got in the way of this photo.  You can see the picture selections on the tables.  We were smugly pleased with ourselves that we chose the three most valuable items in our selection!
The famous fleeces!
Next the researchers unveiled a "bonus buy" which we had to discuss, ask questions and decide whether to accept or not.  These were just ordinary items which the researchers waffled about as though they were valuable.  Ours was a Caithness glass bottle - I quite liked it, Mr C didn't.  Par for the course, as usual!
Mr C looking confused and wondering why I had applied in the first place!
 Finally we all got a chance to wear the fleeces (we had blue) and be filmed while pretending to be interviewed by "Tim" (ie a researcher).  Those fleeces are reeeeaaallly thick, very useful when contestants are tramping around a freezing, rain-soaked showground!  Here are two of the teams having their interviews...
Such fun! - as Miranda's mother would say.

Just thought I'd add a photo of my latest makes.  One is a reversible little cotton jacket I made for Miss Peach Pudding...
... the other is a blue wool jacket in the same pattern, with a reworked man's shirt lining for The Girl Genius.
Love to you all xxx



  1. Oh my goodness what a wonderful post!
    How exciting that you went along for the Bargain Hunt day - I do hope you get picked!
    The jackets are amazing, so individual and beautifully made. I'm sure your girls love them, well done you, you make me want to drop everything and go and sew!
    Have a great day!
    Gill xx

  2. Oh wow, I love Bargain Hunt ... Fingers crossed for you!

    Love Claire xx

  3. Well what happened? are you waiting to hear from them? as you seemed to have chopped the story... love the jackets and who's miss Peach?.

    1. Hi Chrissie! As I said, we wait to hear when and if they want us. Right now that's all the story there is! MPP is littlest granddaughter - she's two in June. Loving all your Facebook pics xxx

  4. Would love to see you on BH. I have every confidence you'd break the bank! Or buy something slightly shabby and sneakily craft something worth ten times the value by auction time. With a Terry Thomasesque twirl of the tache!


    1. Thanks, Nick, though sadly I haven't got a tache. Would have to twirl Timbo's! x

  5. Oh I hope you get picked that would be right up your street, fingers crossed, when will you hear? Miss Peach Pudding :) love it, and the reversble jacket is fabulous, love the material. Poppy now wants an apron so that should be easy enough. xxxx