Sunday, 31 March 2013

Making Stuff, Liking Stuff

Happy Easter!

Little crocheted circles have been wandering randomly all over the house as I progress through my 144 motif challenge.  I'm now onto the hexagons so I decided to make use of the circles.  I had four canvases on which, ages ago, I had attached some of my fabric weaving.  The circles colour-matched perfectly so I sewed them on, adding a few buttons as well.
 I also completed a woolly hat from my "Weekend Knitting" book
which is supposed to look like this in adult size...
copyright Melanie Falick
... however it actually looks like this!
I'm currently knitting a smaller size!!!
I would just like to share with you, two companies I have just found and love.  I'm not promoting for money or anything but I really like the stuff they produce:

1. Pipii  
Welcome to the home of pipii….fantastic decoration, earth friendly eco tableware and beautiful garlands, scrumptious recipes…just about everything to create a unique festive occasion …

I hope you have as much fun as I've had looking at these two lovely websites.

Have a great week xxx

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  1. Love not only a stash of yarn, but also of paintings. We need to move pretty soon, if I keep up with my stashes, lol! Glad I found you!