Monday, 15 April 2013

Sunshine and Sewing - Super!

The spare bedroom vanished again!  This time under all the stuff I put together and labelled for my stall at the St Andrew's Hospice Vintage Fair yesterday.  Isn't it a job and a half doing all the packing, unpacking, labelling, setting up and such?  Forget the marathon, just do a fair if you want exercise!
This was my stall.  
I was in a corner but not out of general footfall so it was quite pleasant.  No-one had a huge sales day, perhaps due to the lovely sunshine and a couple of other fairs (wedding and record) in town. It was worth the day, however, and lovely to chat to the other stall holders.
Apart from this, what have I done? ...
I attended a Rowan workshop on fairisle and intarsia, which was fun and provided a couple of enlightening moments after all the years of tangling up yarns and knitting untidy reverses.  I am now inspired to make another cushion for my workroom in my duck egg/teal and raspberry colours:
Carrying it all on a tray was one of the enlightened moments, so that when the door bell goes or there's a burning smell from the oven you can leap up and not get totally lost...

Have you been inspired by BBC's Great British Sewing Bee?  And of course, the lovely Patrick?  How I covet that workroom and all its contents (plus the lovely Patrick)!
I've made a couple more clothing items and also created a new Fashionista Sister, twice the size of the previous girls, with a "wooden dutch doll" twist.  I'm thinking of doing another with striped fabric to give a Victorian swimsuit look.
Happy crafting, lovelies, and have a great week xxx


  1. Your stall looks lovely. And I love your new doll. One in a Victorian swimsuit would be great. Clever knitting too. Have a good week! x

  2. I agree...your stall does look lovely:) I did craft shows/fairs for about 12 years. You do get into a sort of rhythm of packing and unpacking and setting up. I'd love to do some now but there doesn't seem to be any local now. Times change I guess and my OH makes a long face every time I mention doing them again...LOL He's the one that has to drive me there and unload...oh well.

  3. I love your 'enlightened moment' to think of keeping your knitting on a tray in case of a burning smell from the oven - that tickled me no end!

    Your new doll looks lovely.