Sunday, 5 May 2013

Take a Seat...

Prowling round one of the local charity shops I found that elusive item ... the Real Bargain!
This director's chair was £3 with a label saying "In need of TLC".  It was in a very poor state but a check showed that the wood was in good condition underneath the shabbiness.
I stripped it down to the bare bones, washed and sanded then painted.  As lovely as paints such as Annie Sloane chalks are, I wanted to keep costs down to ... well, the £3 I paid, so I rummaged in the shed and undercoated in basic white emulsion then painted in Dulux satin white.  I replaced the old faded red canvas with a double thickness curtain remnant.

Posh chair for those lovely (?) summer days.  We had a big family barbecue yesterday and you can guess where I sat!

I've also been experimenting with dress shapes in reloved old curtains and duvets. Here are the first two...
 Yes, this ladies' tea dress is in the same curtain fabric as the chair.  I could vanish for days wearing this and sitting in the chair - no-one would see me!
This child's dress was a pillowcase.  I'm making a tea dress in the same at the moment.

Have you discovered this fab new magazine yet?
I've been trying to find a good link for you, but hope this will do for the moment.

Enoy the sun, lovelies xxx


  1. Great chair, love the fabric.

  2. Well done on the chair - looks great. Laughing, though, at the idea of you sitting in it in your matching dress! - perhaps you should make yourself a sun hat in the same material! Pretty child's dress. I looked at Reloved in WHS the other day - it seemed quite good, but I'd seen several of the articles elsewhere previously.

  3. OOh I have a chair just like the one in the top photo - your free upcycled version is so much prettier!
    Love your dresses too - fantastic!
    Ali x

  4. The chair looks so lovely now, and the dresses are great! Did you make the patterns yourself?

    1. LBM, I'll reply in more detail regarding the dresses, in my next post x