Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fair, Fabric and Faffing About on Trains

Yesterday I went to the Sheffield Vintage Fair
It was a beautiful, mild spring day and just to prove it there in the square was a wonderfully typical English folk dance festival in full swing.
Hey Nonny Nonny...!
The fair took place in the City Hall and was busy as usual.  I wasn't staying quite as long as usual so didn't manage the tea and cupcake, sadly.
I didn't buy too much either, but couldn't resist the fabric stall!
 The larger piece is true vintage tea-dyed and the smaller a fifties-style fabric by Next.  Now what to do with them?  Very exciting!
These lovely co-ordinating little fabric pieces are calling out to be fashioned into pretties.  Again, I don't quite know what, but very much looking forward to using them.

The "faffing about" bit was the reason I spent less time in Sheffield.  I don't know if you've picked it up on the news but a whole stretch of railway has collapsed at Hatfield colliery.  As you will see below there's no hope of a train running over those rails!  
This means a bus service has been laid on between Scunthorpe and Doncaster and makes the journey so much longer.  Coming home the train should have arrived at Doncaster at 15.05, with the bus leaving at 15.15.  The train arrived at 15.14 meaning an incredible sprint, worthy of Jess Ennis, for these little legs to get from the rail station to the far end of the bus station for the coach, but I managed it.  That's my exercise for this year!

The weather's not so nice today so I'm having a stay in and stitch day in my workroom.  Couldn't be better!

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