Monday, 18 March 2013

Mauve Makings and a Bit of Home

Mauve - the colour men don't understand.
I seem to have been making mauve stuff recently, including three bags.  A friend gave me a lovely piece of velvet which I made into the two bags below.  They're lined with some retro spotty-flowery fabric I bought at a vintage fair recently.

 The stash bag below was an old jumper, reloved into a receptacle for my lovely balls of Rico Essentials cotton.  I am 28 motifs into my 144 Motif Challenge, whew!
I've been thinking about how to incorporate my knitting and sewing loves together. (Have I already told you this?  Sorry if so, aged brain failing to retain things these days!) I've started with this little cushion taking two of my lovely fat quarters and two patches from my Debbie Abrahams book.
The other week I was up early and at the railway station.  Too early as the train was running later and I had half an hour to kill.  As the station is by the beach I thought I would do a little collage of Cleethorpes sea front.  It's not the Riviera but it's home.
Hope you like it xxx


  1. I love mauve! Your bags are great - partularly the first one. Your collage would make a good poster or postcard! x

  2. Hi Carrad - the velvet bag looks lovely and I expect it feels even nicer. xxx