Sunday, 27 May 2012

Quickie Sunday

Not much time today, so just four pics and a brief summary (should that be "summer-y"?  It's gorgeous today!)

This is my Naughty Bag.  So called because I bought the wool from B & M and not from our lovely wool shop, A Good Yarn.  I must admit several of us have been using it as it was (a) cheap and (b) fab to felt.
 Note size of knitted bag compared to circle of carpet design...
 ... and note the incredible shrinking bag after felting.  I love it and it's great for trundling around with my knitting in.

My friend at work wanted a gift for her nephew and bride-to-be, related to the Jubilee as their marriage date coincides with celebrations.
 I think this covers all bases!

New girl to the Fashionista Sisters fold.  I've also been asked to make some in this style for a local shop.  I think she should be called Rose.

Have a good week, lovelies xxx


  1. I love the doll - she is really pretty. I haven't tried felting. It looks really fun. Lily. xxx

  2. Love your stripey bag....didn't realise they did wool there! Cushion is a fab idea and Rose is very stylish...I arrived after the Fashionista good to see one up close!
    Ali x