Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Little Bit of Vintage in My Life

A lovely day at St Andrew's Vintage Fair.
St Andrew's is the local hospice and a very worthwhile cause.  My dad spent some of his last happier days there and the staff were so kind.  I like to give a little back and so paid my fee and took part with a stall at today's fair.
My stall.  Notice that a few of the girls in the case stopped by to help out.

Other stalls...
 Marilyn made an appearance and the stallholder sold her for £60
 Bits and bobs
Just for a change this one was mostly a man-stall and was very popular!
 Lovely green cabinet here
 Just had to buy one of the floral/pink spotty bundles
A sneaky peek at a crochet blanket

My best sale was my customised jacket, bought for £5 and sold for £20.  I must admit it was 
a very good day with pleasant company plus the obligatory coffee and cake!

Have a good week, everyone xxx


  1. looks like a good fair with some interesting stalls.

  2. Hello!
    I loved looking at your pictures...Soo many wonderful items on sale...Have a added my self to your followers!! Happy Monday! maria x