Sunday, 3 June 2012

Flag or Jack???

Who really knows?  I've been looking through a variety of websites and not only are there so many variations on the use of the names for our national flag but it's still a bone of contention within our countries.  Some Scots feel peeved that the saltire is right at the back and some Welsh people wonder why they're not there at all (I think a dragon in the middle would be quite fun, but much harder to draw!).  Basically it's the Union Jack when in a maritime capacity and Union Flag on land ... but then there's some dispute over the origin of "Union".

Whatever, I'm sitting here drinking tea from my Union Flag mug, listening to the pouring rain (so British!) and  contemplating the fact that the family barbecue might have to be indoors this afternoon.  I must admit my favourite bit of the whole Diamond Jubilee thing is the lovely vintagey-ness of the 1950's recreation.  Tea dresses rule!

A Good Yarn is celebrating with another fabulous window display.  
 I should really have put my camera on the "through glass" setting but I rather like this photo below.  You can see my reflection, and behind me the Town Hall flying the flag.
 Gawd bless you, Ma'am!
 Oops, a non-jubilee photo sneaked in - my latest knit in Adriafil Knitcol
The Girl Genius sporting Jubilee paintwork by Bibbitybob, prior to a visit to my work where we had a celebratory buffet. 

Hope you all have a spectacular Jubilee long weekend, regardless of the weather! xxx


  1. I LOVE that Jubilee window. How cool is that? I love your daughter's face paint. Beautiful! xx

    1. Oh that I was young enough for my small person to be my daughter! TGG is my delightful granddaughter :-) x

  2. My Mam says the 'Jack' relates to the pole??