Friday, 25 November 2011

The Countdown is On

It will soon be December and the "C" word can be spoken.  The windows in my diary are filling up with craft fairs and evenings out, just when I'm feeling more like staying in and hibernating.  Still, it will be fun.  

The countdown has already started with a seasonal fair a couple of weeks ago, but I always feel the festive season begins with the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate.  I'm going on Sunday with colleagues from my knitty group and am super-excited.

I have been making a few things which are "c" word based for the coming craft fairs, all from left-over scraps and recycled bits and bobs:
 Polystyrene balls covered in scraps of festive fabric, awaiting further decoration, for tree ornaments
 Bleached cotton and lace stars with a vintage-style Santa decoration.
 Double bag packs, which can be used together or separately for popping pretty little gifts in.
 Scandinavian-style red and white felt hearts.
 Felt gift bags with printed cotton Santa pics.
Today is Bridget's birthday.  She's thirteen and slowing up a bit.  Well, it is 91 in dog years.  She's still our beautiful little puppy but there's a bit more grunting and wheezing when she jumps up onto the settee, and she does like a bit of a lie-in in the morning.  Hang on, I think I'm describing myself!
Mr C's special little girl


  1. Lots of lovely stuff...I really like the hearts and stars:)

  2. C, are you making any more 'bags of words'? They're such a cool little prezzie. Also are you posting craft fairs you'll be selling at?

    Bridget is, as always, such a sweet pooch.


  3. Nick, look on Facebook for Shabby Chicks. You're right I must make some more bags o' words. xxx