Saturday, 3 September 2011

Little Things Mean a Lot

Once more my days have been filled with lots of little things, many of which add up to a very pleasing big whole.  It was brought home to us this week that enjoying the small here and nows of life are incredibly important.  Mr C came home from work with the shocking news that one of his colleagues had died.  A young, fit man of 28 with two small children, he had been having headaches then suddenly a brain tumour took him.  So very sad. 

So here are some little things that made me happy this week:

1. Baking and making jam with our own produce.  
There's plum jam, plum and cherry jam and crunchy topped plum cake.

2. Eating our own produce!
Well, the cherries were our own, and I did make the syrup.  The strawberries and thick cream sneaked in from the shop somehow.

3. Creating new craft items to sell.
 Cheapo wooden coathangers, painted, shabbied and stencilled.  (the top button is a nice purple in real life, not a garish blue!)
Two great big tote bags in a new style for me.  I know it's a bit similar to other bags, but I created the pattern shape from scratch so it's sort of new.
Baby Williams.  They're just half the size of a grown up William, about 7 cm

4. Finishing UFO's
 Big Granddaughter C's hippy top.  All crocheted in Rowan Cotton Handknit.
I can't remember what wool this is, but I bought a ball as I was fascinated to see how it knitted up.  It was just enough for a little neckscarf and I made a brooch to complement it and fasten it across.  So cosy.

5. Buying gifts for lovely friends.
 Beautiful chunky Gisela Graham coasters
 Wooden heart photo frame.  This friend has three children...
 ... and this one has four!  The little gift is a wooden bunting reading Keep Calm and Carry On.

6. Playing with grandbabies.
(No pictures of Little Granddaughter C this week but the cuddles were lovely)
Bouncing on the bed is great fun, if a bit naughty!

Have a splendid Sunday, lovelies x


  1. Awwww....all oh so lovely & special x x x

  2. What awful news about the work colleague. You are right, it makes you value the small things that we sometimes overlook.

  3. What a lot of loveliness!
    Do you have the recipe for the plum cake?