Sunday, 25 September 2011

Miss Peach Pudding

Grandbaby C No. 2 is now three months old and a delight to all.  Her real name is Eves Violet but mummy calls her Miss Peach Pudding.  She was a cute little peachy baby but she's grown into a pudding now, putting on lots of healthy weight in all the right places.  Mummy is a visual merchandiser with a fashion degree so as you can imagine she is a very stylish little person already.
 This spotty smock top is a real vintage item.  It belonged to mummy's older sister and is, in true 1970's style, brown and cream.  It's quite a spooky picture because she is the absolute image of her daddy, Son of C No. 1 at that age (although he only wore a dress once, but that's another story...)
 Funky Retro!
How posh am I in my sunsuit?

Naturally Miss PP had to have a vintage toy.  Sophie la Giraffe is 50 years old this year and has not changed since her "birth" in 1961.  She's an excellent teething toy as the old pearlies are just starting through and there is quite an amount of undignified dribbling from this little diva.

Have a happy Sunday, lovelies xxx


  1. hiya abd good morning- I just clicked on to find your kind comment and see that you've followed my blog- so I came over to say a big thankyou!

    I love your header photo- in my childhood I had Great Auntie Millie and Great Auntie Hettie who had evidently been flapper girls in their youth (slight family scandal there I fear!) but in the only remaining torn and tattered sepia pic I have of them, they look exactly like your line-up of rouge cheeked lovelies!

    hope to catch up again,
    til then have a good week ahead

  2. Eves Violet is a beautiful model for all those wonderful outfits.
    Thanks for sharing these images, a baby always brings joy
    Helen xx

  3. Oh how cute is that little sunsuit?

  4. aww, she's a sweetie! And oh so stylish.

    lovely to have found your blog.

    (cotton rose)

  5. Gorgeous girlie :) re nail polish, try 'heavenly sunset' by Essie...porphyry pink with a bit of a glimmer ;) xx