Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution is... to buy more shoes than I need!  I think I might stick to this one!

Another thing I mean to do is try to sell a few more things, whether on Etsy, Ebay or other means.  My lovely friend, bibbitybob, and I have long considered doing a sort of Gifts At Home evening, starting with friends and hopefully progressing.  We would both make a variety of shabby chic, vintage, retro type things for sale and also bring along a selection of carefully chosen items of the afore-mentioned styles that we have hunted out.  Things such as lovely teacups and saucers, vintage finds, baskets, etc.  It would all be very girly and pretty.  I hope one day we can do this.

Talking of pretty and girly, I bought some lovely dusky pink fabric roses and added them to my birdcage.  I think they look perfect.

And talking of finding and selling things I bought four tea plates and six dinner plates in 1960's Portmeirion Totem Ware for £1.49!  Now I just have to sell them for a huge profit.  Hmmm.

Even better than that - I have actually made another doll!  It seems like ages since doing the last one, but really I haven't had recent sales (see previous moan in blog) so the girls are just collecting in a huddle in my workroom.  This lady, in her feathery finery, would grace any 1920's tea room.
There are other things on the go including a little dress for Jasmine for the summer and a hand-embroidered bag, plus lots more being made in my head each night before I go to sleep.  News update later xxx

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