Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I think the sun would help

It's a depressing old time of year and I notice one of my lovely friends and fellow blogger, bibbitybob, is feeling a bit down.  Lots of her followers have commented on the same thing and I'm rather that way myself.  I think my problem (besides lack of sun and vitamin D) is that yet another year has started and the endless brainwaves of making huge amounts of money and international fame from crafting hasn't happened again.  The Fashionistas did quite well over Christmas but things have gone quiet again.

I made a decision to close my website for now.  While it was lovely to see that people from as far afield as Russia had looked at it I didn't get any sales, or even messages, and it was simply money going out and none coming back in.  I'm satisfied it was the right thing to do and instead I've returned to Etsy so please look up my girls on my shop.

To more positive things I've made another little dress for Jasmine out of scrap fabric and old curtains.  I'll try to get a photo of her wearing it, but she doesn't like her picture taken at the moment as she has a nasty skin infection, probably impetigo, and the poor little soul looks dreadful.  Hopefully she'll be her cute little self again soon.

Bridget the dog was happy to be photographed on our new rug anyway.  Mind you, she was asleep at the time.  She's doing her chameleon impression and trying not to be spotted.

Anyway, as I said I think the sun would help to cheer us all up, so here's a nice picture of it to remind you!

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  1. Mmm, if I blinker my eyes and look at that sunny picture I actually get warm inside! Love that Bridget pic and your new rug. Hope Jasmine is feeling better soon too! xxx