Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Nearly Ready...

... for the Vintage and Retro Fair on Sunday.
Photo: I'll be having a stall here.  Doesn't Miss Vintage Corner look lovely in the poster? :-)
I've been making my duvet tea dresses and pricing up things and packing them (always a bit of a bore, these last two, aren't they?)
Photo: All frocked up and ready for the Vintage Revolution Vintage and Retro Fair at Cleethorpes Memorial Hall, 11am to 4pm on Sunday 11th August!
Photo: The final dresses for the August Vintage Fair - two ladies, S to M, and girls, one up to 3 yrs, one up to 5 yrs.  Sizes are very variable, as are people's shapes so it will be "try on" time!
Photo: More duvet dresses for the clothes rack!  These are medium to large.
Photo: Another medium to large duvet dress, plus a child's version.  I would say up to five/six year old depending...
Photo: Dresses made!
I had a last, happy little haul too - a small picnic basket, which I'm keeping, a hat box and a diary from 1941.   
Photo: Saturday's mini-haul.  The 1941 diary has a few entries from a new war-bride - rather sweet.
The diary is clear from the beginning of February (aren't they all!) but it begins with the thoughts of a new war-bride...
"Today I woke up a single girl and went to bed as a married woman"... 
It's really sweet, sad too as "John" goes back to the war.  It's a shame the lady hasn't put her name in it.


  1. Your dresses are so pretty - I am sure they will sell very quickly. Isn't the diary amazing. I wonder what became of the war bride; maybe she has children and granchildren. What a lovely find. Lily. xxx

  2. Oh that diary sounds so poignant ... I hope John came back safely.

    Your dresses are gorgeous, I hope you do very well. It's funny, I don't mind the pricing and packing on the way out ... it's when I have to pack everything back up again after a quiet, unsuccessful fair that I find a drag!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it next time

    Love Claire xx