Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bits, Bobs and a Poorly Sewing Machine

I'm sure you sewing lovelies out there will share my pain at finding my beloved sewing machine was missing stitches, failing to automatically thread the needle and generally pooping up buttonholes.
Obviously she's not as bad as this one, but she had to go the the sewing machine doctor.  To my horror, the doctor had just started his summer hols and is away for a fortnight!!!
Even worse, I have four duvet dresses to make out of this fab charity shop find before the vintage fair on 11th August!   
I've had to borrow my daughter-in-law's machine which is like a little toy one after mine but it does the job.  I've recently run these up so hopefully when the new ones are finished there will be enough for the fair.
I've finally finished my yarn stash blankie too.  When the weather breaks I'll have something bright and cosy to snuggle into. 
Meanwhile Miss Peach Pudding is enjoying the sun...
... I haven't been making toddler punch - that's a tennis ball, not a lemon, honest!
NOM NOM NOM... Mr C has been making his fabulous crumbles with our homegrown raspberries!
Hope it's sunny where you are xxx

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  1. Ooh that crumble looks delicious, as does Miss Peach and that blanket! You have been busy, the dresses are amazing, hope your machine gets well soon

    Love Claire xx