Monday, 24 September 2012

Suitcase of Treasures

I have been sorting the last of mum's belongings and found a suitcase of treasures.

Here is the suitcase...
... containing another suitcase...
 ... and in this suitcase...
...are treasures!

These include:
 A 1950's/60's fruit dish and molecular-style shelf unit
 Two hideously cute reproduced paintings of children.  Fortunately not from our family!
 Are you old enough to remember these?
 A tealeaf dispenser, with a still-working lever
 A NEW AND UNUSED 1970's Welsh tapestry handbag and matching purse
 Curlers, Richard Hudnut end papers and Twink lotion for that lovely perm
 A tin Flexolite box containing old, old playing cards and small notebooks, plus two unused George VI stamps
 A Victorian set of nursery rhyme playing cards.  Older readers - don't you think Mother Hubbard looks like Arthur Askey in drag as a pantomime dame?
 A leather sewing kit, complete with needles and threads
 As above
 Two 1970's lippies in scary shades by Revlon and an equally scary 70's Avon scent bottle.  The perfume is still in there too, but pheeeewww!

Hope you enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane, lovelies x


  1. I love to these random, specially saved items - we all have collections like these don't we? I rather like your phrase for the trays - hideously cute really sums them up! I remember how they used to advertise those button attaching gadgets at Christmas - as a child I'd have been thrilled to get one, but I doubt any grown-up would have been thrilled!
    PS I have a tea caddy with the same picture on!

  2. Aww, what a lot of lovely treasures and nostalgic memories Carrad. How lvely to have these things to remind you of your lovely Mum, and in lovely old cases too!

    Have a lovely week,

    Claire xxx

  3. C,

    What an incredible find. In many ways such a random collection of seemingly unconnected items, but the special place they were found makes them such a treasure.

    As for the Ronco Butoneer, Christmas past encompassed in a piece of 1970s ephemera - file with soda syphons and Ronco Record Vacuums!

    N xx

  4. Being an older reader (but not thinking of myself as one, so thanks for reminding me of that!) I do think that looks like Arthur Askey!