Sunday, 30 September 2012

Cake, Yarn and Teasets

Once again A Good Yarn (almost my other home!) came up with the goods for a great cause.  To link up with the MacMillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning Kate had us make cakes and bring our never-to-be-used stash for a yarn swap.  I picked up some purple Crofter DK and a fab bundle of something with a lovely mix of mossy greens, ochres and teals ... both of which I forgot to photo!
 I made mixed nut slices and courgette, cinnamon and walnut cake.  I think they must have been scrummy because people ate them without grimacing.
Kate's friend (and friend of the shop) Michelle, had a collage canvas made for Kate's birthday.  It's the most fabulous heart, shaped from hundreds of little snaps of things relating to A Good Yarn.  There are yarns, created items, knitters, family members, the shop and its surrounds, Millie the cutest little dog and the shop's logo right in the middle.  Definitely the WOW factor!
 Yummy yarns in the swap.  Actually I lied when I said I hadn't photographed my yarn - it's left centre and bottom centre in the photo on the left.

And finally ... more from the cupboards of my lovely mum.
This is the most gorgeous Wedgewood tea set called, I think, something like Summer Sky.
 Here on my growing blankie is a selection of a second tea set which perfectly matches the colours of the blankie.  How serendipitous is that?

Have a fab week and try to stay dry.  xxx


  1. Your bakes look scrummy, and I love the colours of your blankie, they're so vibrant!

    I take it you sorted out your photo posting problem?

    1. Thank you. Yes, I deleted some old pics. It's not as if I particularly want to look over my old posts from two years back! x

  2. Definitely no chance of stating dry down here in Devon! Your cakes look really yummy - where did you find the recipes? I like to make cakes and deserts with healthy ingredients as well as the other naughty bits because then there is at least a good nutritional element to them and I don't feek so guilty when i eat them! Lily. xxx

  3. Lily, those cakes WERE yummy. I got them from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days cookbook. xxx