Sunday, 23 September 2012


Apparently I have used up my quota of photos and can't upload any more for my blog.  I don't really want to have to start paying for more room, but can't work out how to delete old ones off Picassa.

Has anyone else had this problem?  I should be very grateful for any tips from you blog techno-savvy lovelies out there!

Thank you xxx


  1. It seems to be happening to quite a few people recently. I managed to delete some of mine but I can't remember how I did it. Sorry.

  2. Hi Carrad,
    Have you tried to host your pictures on another website? I have used this one in the past:
    And when my quote is up on Blogger I will surely start using Photobucket again.
    There is always Flickr too, but there are a limit of photos you can host for free there.
    Hope I helped. xx

  3. Oh No!
    The photos from my camera are always 2 or 3 MBs in size..about 3 months into blogging I found I had used up a third of my quota...panic - I anticipated blogging would be a costly experience if I had to pay for space!! I'm not sure how I found out but I reduced the image size (to 800 pixels) of each photo as I uploaded it (individually - I have since realised you can do many at a time!!) I still have oodles of space 12 months on. I did back track and alter the size of some of the original images...but it was a bit laborious..and I only had a smallish number to do at the time. I realise this may not help you at the moment - but if you did have to invest in extra storage it might keep those MBs down in the future?!
    Hope someone else has a more instant and cost effective solution for you Carrad - I do love your interesting photos!
    Looking forward to hearing how others upload!
    Ali x

  4. Hi Carrad - I have only just seen your post about your beautiful little dog - I am so very sorry and, as you know, I totally understand how you are feeling. I haven't been able to post or comment on others since Monty died because I feel so empty. Hope Mr. C is OK too. I am thinking of you both and of course of little Bridget. Lily. xxx

  5. Thank you, kind people. I'll try out some of your suggestions. xxx