Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WIPs and Whoops!

If there's one thing I'm good at it's faffing about.  I have a whole host of half-made thingies and keep promising myself I'll complete them.  Still, I'm not the only one.  Spring is only half-made too.  She doesn't appear properly till the end of March.

This week I am mostly WIP-ing...
the unravelling of an old cardi...
a beach bag/tote...  
...and painting a £2.50 charity shop doll's house.  It's been undercoated and a few blobs of pale blue paint added.  I intend to make it into a "New England-style boathouse"  (somehow!)
Today I treated myself to accidentally bought myself some presents (hence the "Whoops!").  Good old TK Maxx.  I love the fact that you can get a great selection of one-off items at this shop.  It's a bit like posh charity shop shopping.
 A small and pretty tin containing a delightfully fresh-smelling soap
Another pretty box, this time containing 30 sheets of gorgeous writing paper and 30 soft grey envelopes by Nina Campbell.  Almost too lovely to use.  Same with the soap possibly.

Oh, and before I forget, something I have actually finished.  I collected two free old wallpaper swatch books from my local soft furnishings shop.  The paper inside was a heavy, flexible type with an almost fabric-like feel.  I cut out three of the sheets, folded them in half and machined up two sides. I then folded over the top, made a few slits and threaded lace and ribbon through.  
Et voila!  Three pretty gift bags for my d-in-l's birthday presents, at no expense whatsoever!


  1. Love all the pretty things you have made and found! I found a hand knitted waistcoat in my local charity shop that I was dithering about buying for a snip at 3.00 to unravel and make into something new problem was lack of inspiration. What are you going to make with your unravelled yarn? Xx

    1. That's the question, faith. The whole thing was fastened together in such a way that I only have a huge pile of one to two feet long pieces of yarn!! x

  2. Gosh the wallpaper books take me back to being little when my Dad used to bring them home for me to craft with. Can't wait to see the little doll's house. A WIP of mine has to been to renovate the one my Dad made me when I was three but everytime I go to start I can't bring myself to undo his work of decorating it!!

  3. Ha ha, I'm just the same, so many ideas, good intentions.... a room full of things that would look fabulous .... if I had the time. Nice purchases though. My spring treat is the snowdrops in my grass awwwww I love those little flowers!! xx

  4. ...and me! I've got lots on the go...need to get something finished...
    Love the idea of your wallpaper books...and the pretty gift bags you created.
    Keep up working on the wips! Looking forward to the Ta Dahs!

  5. Another faffer here!

    What a good idea for the wallpaper bags, they look lovely.