Thursday, 22 March 2012

More Tattery* in the Carrad Household

You should have seen Mr C's face when I came home with this lot today!
 I received a phone call from P & L Interiors saying they had a few out of date fabric books for me.  I was there within fifteen minutes and lugged the first lot home, then returned with Dobbin, my trusty steed trolley, to collect the rest.
 These are GORGEOUS!
 There were even sample books of tassels, pom-poms and the rest of the braidy bunch.
How fab is all that for absolutely free?

Oh, by the way, remember the freeform scrumbles I made last week?  (See two posts ago "Knitting Without a Parachute")  Here is the completed bag.  I loved doing it and can't wait to get started on another.
 Side 1
 Side 2

I have also completed another UFO, previously mentioned.  The £2.50 charity shop wooden dolls house, as seen below in its embarrassingly naked condition ...
... has now been painted up and is currently living as a New England boathouse.
I say I've completed it, but I have a feeling it's going to have a few more fripperies added at some point before I sell it.

*Tattery: (noun) "Stuff, either given or cheaply purchased, which is collected without any real idea of future use.  Its main reason for existing is to litter up the home and cause mild annoyance to other family members, especially those of the male persuasion" 


  1. Carrad, I too have ample tattery - such a familiar definition!
    Love your fab fabric book finds and the trusty steed is obviously of unique pedigree!
    The boat house looks cool..
    ...but your scrumbled bag is freeformly fantabulous - what a talent..I love it! Could gaze at it for ages! Hope to see many more scrumbly creations!
    Ali x

  2. Wow, love your tattery. What are you going to do with all that? Do you use all the bits to embellish your wonderful bags?

    1. I'm going to do some bags, certainly. I've jollied up the sofa with a couple of simple cushion covers, but don't know quite what to do with the rest. I'll just stroke the fabric and coo over it for a while first! xxx

  3. Ah yes - tattery is something I know about and love, but my husband usually fails to appreciate, unless it is of the nails, screws and old offcuts of wood variety! I have been given old sample books in the past, and I stripped them of the outer bits and got rid of the bits I knew I would never use (taken to school for the children, who are generally less fussy) which at least reduced the bulk!

  4. What a lovely stash from the fabric books. I bet most shops just throw them away or have 'policies' regarding given them away where they would rather waste them than give anything away!!

  5. OMG....I am so jealous of all those sample books...the stuff of stash dreams anyway...LOL

    I really like that's different.

  6. Wow! You lucky, lucky lady, all of those sample books. I love them! Your bag looks fab as well and the dolls house! It looks like you have had a great week ;)

  7. Same thing here... I get my tattery and Hubby goes nuts!! Hehehehe.
    I love yours. You are so lucky that the shop gave you all those goodies.

  8. Oh my, those sample books are fantastic! I think I would stroke the fabric and coo too!