Sunday, 11 March 2012

Knitting Without A Parachute

"Underground, Overground, Scrumbling Free!"

Yesterday I attended a brilliant workshop at A Good Yarn, called Freeform Madness.  It was delivered by the very lovely Heike Gittins, a talented and clever lady who inspired our group to great things.  Do have a look at her blog, Heikeknits, for much more inspiration.  The workshop involved letting go of all preconceived ideas of knitting, crochet, structured patterning, etc and running with experimental ideas.  You put together small pieces of  work, either sewing together or attaching as you go, incorporating a variety of colour/shade and disciplines to create a scrumble, which is a delicious word in itself.  This can then be joined to others to make beautifully arty items such as bags, cushions, hats and waistcoats.

(Please excuse picture quality, my camera was nearly as excited as I was)
Here are some ladies preparing to freefall into knitting madness...
... and here are some more.  Heike is second left
Ooooo, stash!
Scrumble commences
Scrumble continues
Much needed yummy things to keep us going - it was very hard work!
Show and tell.  It was fascinating to see how other people interpreted this form of creation
Excuse strange angle, I was standing on a chair (yes, Health and Safety - I know!)
Scrumble completed
Something to aspire to - one of Heike's own bags
Another of Heike's bags, this one with a little more structure but still very free.
Now I have found a whole new world out there to play with, and what a fab way to use up all those little bits of leftovers.  Oh no!  I can feel the need to buy lots of lovely new yarns already!

Have a great week, lovelies xxx    


  1. Wow Carrad what fun! Looks great and you have really captured the excitement of your Freeform madness. Scrumbling sounds soooo cool! Love your creations - opens up a world of possibilities....looking forward to seeing many more scrumbled items!
    Isn't blogging wonderful - I've seen Heike's work before via a friend's blog...
    Ali x

  2. Thank you 'Carrad' for a most wonderful write up of our fun day together. I enjoyed it immensly too and hope to see you again very soon.
    I love your blog...such a great style of writing and will add you to the blogroll on my blog right now.
    Have a lovely week...maybe 'scrumble..ling' away x

  3. i love the knitted creations- such a great idea- sooo pretty and beautiful xx