Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Nose isn't Happy, but the Heart is

I am full of cold, with a thumping headache, but apart from that it's nearly Christmas, the pressies are bought and wrapped, the cards written and sent and the tree is up.  There are meals out with friends to look forward to, silly hats and carol singing in the office and best of all, my family all around me.  

Yesterday was the last Christmas Fair for us.  The lovely Bibbitybob and I share a little venture which we might talk about next year if it takes off, but anyway we have had several stands at fairs together so far.  This one was the Fabulous Christmas Fair which took place in Grimsby Minster, a beautiful church with, thankfully, underfloor heating.  
Here are a few shots of our table.

 This is a poor photo as she turned away just as I clicked, but the lady dressed as the Wicked Queen is Sue Holderness (Marlene from The Green, Green Grass) who is appearing in the local pantomime this year.  She bought a bag from the table next to me.
I have also found a little bit of time in the Christmas rush to finish a UFO.  Miss Peach Pudding's mum is also into vintage, so she was thrilled with this outfit, knitted up from a 1970's Golden Hands magazine.

So now, full of sniffles, snuffles and snorts, I'm going to curl up near the fire and knit and not think about anything more strenuous than who's going to win Strictly.  Harry? Chelsee? Jason? Holly? Alex?  Ooo, that's enough thinking for now...


  1. That dress is so cute!

    Your table looks lovely, and what luxury to have underfloor heating in a church.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Hope you are feeling better very soon.
    Sounds like you had a fun day and you are quite nicely prepared for Christmas.