Friday, 30 December 2011

Into the Wild Wood

One cold, clear winter's day, when the sun was shining through the trees, Mr Toad, Ratty and Mole ventured into the Wild Wood.  
 Well, it was actually Mr C, Yours Truly and The Girl Genius, and the wood wasn't wild, but it made it exciting for my small person.
 It was so lovely to get out and blow away the festive cobwebs.
 The sun was low, even though it was morning, and it pretended to be twilight.
 Even the trees played their part in looking wild and mysteriously rooty.
 Does this path lead to the Gates of Dawn?
The robin puffed up his red waistcoast and sang his song of winter for us.

Happy Days


  1. Hello from a new follower!
    Found you through Kittyeden's blog :-)
    Lovely pics.
    Just read a couple of your recent posts - your table at the fair looked lovely.
    Look forward to reading your blog in 2012.
    Emma xxx

  2. Oooh you should've come and drunk tea at my house! xxx