Tuesday, 19 February 2013

At a Very Funny Stage...

This retirement lark is a very strange one...
It's been three weeks now and the holiday mode is fading.  This is it - sort of.  I have enjoyed having more time to stitch and knit and crochet and read, all the things I love but I feel quite guilty about it.  I know it's stupid - I worked enough years to deserve a bit of me-time, but "guilty" must be my default feeling.  The babysitting still takes a couple of days out of my busy "Me" schedule, however, and poor Mr C is battling bravely with having me trampling all over his own "Me" time.

Anyhoo ...

These are my most recent makes.
 A jazzy little cushion to use up scraps of fabric
The start of a rustic French table setting.  I intend to make more, such as a bread bag and candle holders.  Mr C is a huge Eurovision fan (yes, I know, I know!) and we have a family party every year with a different country's theme.  This year it's France so it's a French dinner party.  He's already thinking about trying out his Bouillabaisse and Tarte Tatin!

Much love to you all xxx

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  1. I like the cushion! I found, when I retired, that I felt the same as you - but the 'guilt' goes gradually and I found I really relaxed into it. Though now, with a unit in a Vintage shop, and 6 grandchildren, I'm busier than ever - BUT, busy doing stuff I want to! Enjoy! x