Saturday, 5 January 2013


I have just told everyone I'm taking voluntary retirement ...
... unfortunately the approvals committee have decided I'm not! 

Well, not yet anyway.  I was told that I had approval then received a works email telling me my name wasn't on the list after all!  How they get a girl's hopes up, only to dash them later.  There is another committee meeting on 14 January so I'll have my fingers crossed, but daren't get too excited this time.

So hold that leaving do and the collection.

... and just to add to the frustration, I find that when I click on the Image icon there's nothing to allow me to download a new photo from my computer!  Apparently I can download from everywhere else including a smartphone (which I don't possess!) Has anyone else had this problem?



  1. Yes, I had that trouble with photo downloading - ended up downloading Picasa and going via that.... Hope you get to know where you are soon re retirement - unsettling to say the least!

  2. Oh what a disappointment for you! I hope something comes out of the meeting.

    I did read on someone else's blog that they were having the same trouble as you with photos. Someone in the comments said that Blogger know about it, but I can't remember what else they said!