Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hello, I'm back from my hols and will regale you with (brief) tales and photos soon but ...
... just today I hope you don't mind my wallowing in a little gloom.

One year ago today my beautiful Mum left us.
Greta Kerridge: born 13 June 1925, died 26 June 2012

She was a truly lovely person, inside and out.  One of those people about whom no-one has a bad word.  She lived for 87 years, most of them happy with my Dad but he left us seven years ago and some of her world went with him.  The last couple of years Mum had many health problems but was very brave about them all.  At the last she had to go into a home to be looked after.  She spent four weeks there, being cared for wonderfully well but she was ready to leave us and her spirit soared away into a beautiful sunrise early on a Tuesday morning with us by her side.

I hope many of you still have mums who you treasure and who treasure you.  Give them a hug for me.


  1. Oh I wish I could, I lost my Mum 2 years ago and miss her more now than when she first left us but have some lovely memories.

  2. Beautiful post and tribute to your mum Carrad and I will certainly give my mum an extra hug next time I see her.X

  3. What a lovely photo - you must treasure it. I had a very poor relationship with my mum, who was a very difficult person - she made it very hard to like her. There were only 4 people at her funeral. I'm so glad that I have the fantastic relationship I do with my daughters and my grandchildren. x