Sunday, 5 August 2012

Much to my surprise ...

... I am loving the Olympics!  
Not just the fact that Team GB are winning medals but the look of it and the general feel-goodness of it.  Yes, I was one of the grumpies who dismissed it as London-centric and an expense we will never recoup, but I'm happy to be wrong.  Hopefully this legacy will be wonderful for sport and exercise to make our children healthy, happy adults.

And now for a feast of Pinkness...
 Cardi finally finished, yay!  I must admit I was a bit bored doing this but as you see, The Girl Genius was very grateful for it!
 Here is the pinkiest of pink playhouses, put up for TGG by Daddy.  She adores it and has decided to live in it forever.  This will be fine as long as she doesn't grow any taller than 4 feet high.
TGG chose the material for the curtains on a trip to Boyes.  Yes it's pink!  Now "Nanny Yellow Hair" has to make them.  She invented the name for me - the other gran is "Nanny Long Hair".  Oh well, could have been worse ... I'm not sure that "Nanny Four Eyes" would sound good echoing across the park!
Finally, meet Buddy the teeny weeny elf.  He's actually a gnome made from one of Alan Dart's fabulous patterns. He's going to be part of the Christmas decorations for our super wool shop, A Good Yarn .  I'm now knitting his ladyfriend, in between all the other UFO's in my collection! 

Have a beautiful, gold-medal-filled week, lovelies! xxx


  1. Hi, I haven't visited for so long. I don't know why but....... Anyway, I linked to your blog on mine this week as I had your lovely bag on my desk (that I won from you), and as I was checking if the link worked I started reading and reading and reading. I am so sorry about your mum, hope you are okay. You have written some lovely things. I will try and visit more often.
    Hugs xx
    Famfa &

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. It's not easy to visit everyone if you have lots of blogs to follow. I read quite a few but don't always comment. If I did, I wouldn't have time to do anything to blog about!
      Hugs back! xxx

  2. Hello! I've just discovered your blog from over at Country Rose - what a lovely place you have here! There's a lot of reading for me to catch up on as a new follower :) x