Friday, 6 July 2012

It's been so wet here that...

...the ladybirds have grown enormously and come indoors!

 No, really Mr C has been painting stones again.  It has been horribly rainy though.
I haven't made much recently but I bought the tweed and fat quarters below at Woolfest the other week
I sewed them together in their matching pairs of colourways, added lace and embellishment and made two rather unique scarves.
My computer has been playing me up something rotten this past week and I've uninstalled Google Chrome due to the problems.  Now apparently my browser no longer supports Blogger and all my favourites and personal setting have set sail for the west.  I thought computers were supposed to make life easier!



  1. Google winds me up on so many levels! Its still raining here in central England too. Apparently there is still no sign of that thing called - what is it? Oh yes SUN! I like the scarves; they are really unusual. Have a great weekend. Lily. xxx

  2. Well the ladybirds are smiling through this terrible weather we're having, or are they just pleased to be indoors?

  3. The scarves look great. I am also sick of the rain. Summer? Pah!